Protect Your Remote PC with Endpoint Security

Venn is the secure workspace that can compare to a unified endpoint management (UEM) solution. Enable a smart and secure perimeter that protects your work on your PC, whether BYO or company-owned. 

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Perfect for companies with 50+ Unmanaged Device Users


Introducing Venn - Your Virtual Desktop Alternative

virtual desktop alternative

Designed for the New Era of Hybrid Work

Venn combines a Zero Trust security architecture with breakthrough technology to empower employees to use a single device for work and personal activities by creating a secure, isolated enclave for company applications and data. Say goodbye to work-only laptops.

Built to Secure BYO and Managed Devices

Venn protects work files and data from accidental or malicious exfiltration, compromise or loss on any device. Employees can browse securely without the need for a new browser.

Decide What the Users Can and Cannot Do

IT administrators are given robust controls to monitor applications and data without tracking personal activities. You can also designate work policies, remotely delete company applications and data while leaving personal data unaffected.

All the Possibilities in One Platform


BYOD Workforce

Enable freedom at work with BYOD while fully protecting company data

zero trust

Zero Trust Security

Never trust but always verify right through the end to secure your endpoints

virtual desktop

Virtual Desktop Alternative

The value of VDI or DaaS without the pain or expense

third party contractors

Third Party Contractors

Ensure complete security and compliance for 1099s, independent workers

enterprise browser

Enterprise Browser Secured

Protection for SaaS and internal web apps on any device


Company VPN Replacement

Increase control over company data with a secure workspace

Venn vs.
UEM Solutions

You may think that adding a UEM solution is the best. Here’s how we compare against the entire offering when assessing individual features. This is why IT departments love us for the convenience and performance.

Unified app launcher
Endpoint device assessment & compliance
Separate work and personal computing
Gated access to work apps, files and data
Data leakage and loss prevention (DLP)
Separate, control and protect work-related network traffic from personal through a dedicated gateway with IP restrictions
Shield against active malware (including ransomware) and zero-day vulnerabilities
Device-native experience and support including mobile device parity
Personal privacy assurance
Compliance dashboard with comprehensive audit trall
venn under the hood

How Venn Works

1. Access Client to Check User Access

Venn leverages MFA and comprehensive device compliance checks to control user access to work apps and files running continuously.

2. Compliance Center for User Audits

IT departments can enforce technical controls, complete with audit-ready reporting through Venn’s onboarding, administration, and monitoring engine.

3. Venn Empowers User Productivity

Your users will work within a smart, secure perimeter that protects local work apps, files, and data separate from personal computing. User work apps are badged, providing a visual cue on your client’s active DLP policy.

4. Failsafe Access through Remote Hosting

Venn provides failsafe access and custom app hosting requirements through highly secured public cloud infrastructure to meet all your needs.

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It's Testimony

“The Venn team were able to put a variety of applications into Venn that made for easy remote or mobile computing, and their installations were flawless. The system works seamlessly, far better than anything we have had in the past.”

- Gary Schafer, COO, Atlanta Consulting Group.


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